Monday, July 2, 2018

Life is full of ups and downs

is blowing into Beast World

Here's my mock-up cover...
This is my vision of Windy Hollow...

Beast World #3

Gabe just can't stay out of trouble, even when he's just trying to help.

It's time for summer break and the young beasts are traveling across the Great Sea for an extraordinary wedding extravaganza with daily competitions and nightly themed events. But Gabe suspects Professor Hardaway is up to something more serious. Spying and sneaking around, Gabe and his friends discover there's a village of humans across the mountains called Windy Hollow and they might be in trouble from the strange happenings at the old castle above the Mist. Despite the professor's warnings, the young beasts venture over, risking more than they realize when they get caught up in the dangerous experiments of a deranged scientist who's recruited a large, lonely beast. Gabe wonders if he's gone too far this time, but he's in too deep to quit. It's do or die, hopefully not die!

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of my working maps:

In celebration of WINDY HOLLOW's imminent release, I'm having a beastly summer GIVEAWAY with many prizes to choose from: books, t-shirts, swag, and more

And as promised with the release of PRINCESS B, I put the finishing touches on a book trailer for the UnPrincess Series:

Looking for reviewers! Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a copy!



These are from Ohioana & Up Lift Atlanta and more!

I fit a lot onto my half of the table!

My sweet next door neighbors at Up Lift Atlanta
- another vendor with exotic birds let us take pics with them!

while in Atlanta, got together with my awesome writer friend, Sherry Ellis!

one of the quirky eating establishments in Little Five Points, Atlanta
In June, I was out of town for two weeks, really threw me off my schedule, but I had a blast visiting my folks and friends in Atlanta! Also wanted to mention the WINNER of my RAFFLE at Up Lift Atlanta was:


I hope I got her name right, from my newsletter signup sheet. I haven't heard back from her. I'm giving her another week, then I'll pick another if necessary...


Where I answer commonly asked questions and pass on writerly advice...

Q&A - How do you find time to write? I make time! I get up early, especially on the weekends. I'm also a substitute teacher. Unless I'm doing a long-term job (with grading papers and planning) I can also bring my writing to work with me. I also write at baseball games, in waiting rooms, and just about anywhere I have some time to kill. I always have paper or my phone "notes" app handy!


July ~ Aug ~ Sept

July the 4th is coming...
Vacations mean reading and writing time! Also events - yay! Just finished an outline for Pop Travel 4 at my son's tournament this weekend!

Also! For one more week, I have a special fun summer GIVEAWAY!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

August and back to school
I'm planning to hit on the School Presentation Trail hard this year. No more long-term subs, but plans to travel and present positive messages to kids around the country. BIG PLANS! Wish me luck.

September and Fall - my favorite!
Only one kid left in the house, sort of. Looking to downsize in the near future. And looking forward to a couple of favorite events in Oct & Nov.


What I'm Reading...
What I'm Writing...
  • Editing WINDY HOLLOW - easy peasy, but time-consuming away from new projects, - worth it to have it published and out there!
  • FARTHER ALONG - Yeah, on hold while I edit WINDY HOLLOW, but first draft is almost done. Getting a lot more ideas of what to add - and believe me, it needs lots more meat!
  • GERTRUDE (the Nerdy Princess) UnPrincess novella #4 - she goes to PRINCESS SCHOOL and I might have that be the name of it.
  • The 4th POP TRAVEL novel - thinking of changing the name from CONDUCTION to POWER OF SUGGESTION. Outline complete. These PT stories write themselves!
  • Screenplays, Podcasts, and School Presentations - Oh my!
Where I'll be...
  • July 6 & 7 - InConjunction, Indianapolis - trying something new, seems well-organized. Hopefully will sell! And I get to spend quality time with my old college buddy. Yay!
  • July 20 - Book talk at South Lebabnon Community Center Library. Looking forward to boosting confidence and giving away some books to kids who could use some encouragement. So happy to be invited!
  • Aug 10 -12 Event cancelled. But have my eye on a couple of replacements close by. Also a transition month at home, so keeping it low-key.
  • Sept - Hoping to have a few School Presentations booked! No events scheduled to keep calendar open.

Did someone ask for warm weather?
Careful what you wish for! Whew! It's Hot!