Monday, October 1, 2018

The Winds of Change are Blowing!

has a release date!

Cover coming soon!

Beast World #3
RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2019

Gabe just can't stay out of trouble, even when he's just trying to help.

It's time for summer break and the young beasts are traveling across the Great Sea for an extraordinary wedding extravaganza with daily competitions and nightly themed events. But Gabe suspects Professor Hardaway is up to something more serious. Spying and sneaking around, Gabe and his friends discover there's a village of humans across the mountains called Windy Hollow, and they might be in trouble from the strange happenings at the old castle above the Mist. 

Despite the professor's warnings, the young beasts venture over, risking more than they realize when they get caught up in the dangerous experiments of a deranged scientist who's recruited a large, lonely beast. Gabe wonders if he's gone too far this time, but he's in too deep to quit. It's do or die, hopefully not die!

Looking for ARC reviewers! 
Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a copy!


Special Surprise! I was also re-featured at We Are Storytellers!

My long lost friend Allison used to have a feature called "Sippable Stories" where she would write poems on mugs... a cute idea. She has resurfaced and republished them.
You can check out the rest of my silly sippable story HERE


Hear ye, hear ye! I'm recruiting a STREET TEAM 
that's anyone who'd like to help me with promotion and announcements and events! 
Please fill out this FORM if you're interested.
Volunteers receive advanced notice info, FREE swell swag, AND MORE!



Over the summer I stayed local...
(Lots happening on the home front!)

Had a blast giving a
at South Lebanon Community Center
This was my favorite event yet! I enjoyed talking to these kids and giving away a lot of swag. Everyone left with something, in addition to a positive message!

The kids helped me with a skit - Beast Up!
a local farmer's market
I gave it a try and it was okay--next time I do an outdoor event I will have a tent. Luckily it didn't rain on us, though it threatened to!

photo from the website - didn't have my camera...
They took a video of the vendors... here's my silly snippet!


Where I answer commonly asked questions and pass on writerly advice...

Q&A - Do you prefer a publisher or self-publishing? There are pros and cons to both. The publisher does what I cannot--create a fabulous cover! provide excellent editing, and make my books available via a distributor. The best part of self-publishing is I keep all sales. Either way, it's a tough business and the marketing is on me.


Coming up...
Oct ~ Nov ~ Dec

October is cool!
I just love Fall. I have been broadening my horizons, subbing at more schools and getting more exposure--I give copies of my books to the libraries and offer to speak. They seem eager to have me, love getting bookmarks, and I even sold a book to a student!

November -- Let's Move!
I'm hoping we will be SOLD and moving this month. Just in time for my bday and Thanksgiving. Everything is crossed!

December Holidays
Looking forward to having my family all together and celebrating. And looking forward to my latest release in January!


What I'm Reading...
  • Did an advanced review for my author friend, Tonja Drecker and thoroughly adored her debut YA Paranormal Mystery MUSIC BOXES -- I highly recommend it!
  • Still looking for time to finish SHADOW WARRIOR, the Mechanica Wars Book 2 by Jay Noel
What I'm Writing...
  • FARTHER ALONG - This one needs lots of time and attention. I'm hopeful to get it submitted soon... also working on writing songs for it!
  • GERTRUDE (the Nerdy Princess) UnPrincess novella #4 - I've changed my mind again. Gertrude is quite a nerd, but has a huge heart--too bad there are so many misunderstandings in this one. It's a hoot! (Princess School will be another book...)
  • The 4th POP TRAVEL novel - The first draft is coming along nicely. But I'm still deciding what to call it! CONDUCTION or POWER OF SUGGESTION? What do you think sounds better?
  • And I've been working on short stories and essays to submit to online publications. Must keep my writing muscles in shape!
Where I'll be...
  • October 13 - 10:00 AM–3:00 PM Bullitt County Author Faire at the Ridgway Memorial Library in Louisville, KY -- and I'm speaking on a panel! (unfortunately, I may have to cancel as we try to sell our house...)
  • October 27 - 8:00 AM-5:00 PM West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston, WV -- love this event and I get to spend the day with my great friend and fellow Really Real Housewife, Elizabeth Seckman!
  • October - also setting up some school visits!
  • November 17 - 11:00 AM-3:00 PM Small Business Shopping Fair in Cincinnati at the Woodlawn Rec Center. These can go either way, but hopefully folks will be looking for holiday gifts.
  • Dec 1&2 - Hoping to be a part of Christmas in the Village of Waynesville, OH. Tis the season to cheer and sell!

Cooler days a-comin!

PS - Stop by my Sista Site - the Really Real Housewives for some fun Fall Latte recipes! 
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