Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The hottest months of the year

And it's also POP TRAVEL's birthday! PT is two years old! And it got a bright shiny new makeover to celebrate! Hot, hot, hot!
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July ~ August ~ September

Releases & Reveals!!
Now that POP TRAVEL is all spiffed up, It's time to introduce his new baby sister, SIMULATION, September 14th! Here's the mini-blurb teaser:

In 2082, androids are essential, but some are too real. Clone android simulations are illegal and Cooper is on a case to find out who's making them. He has to work fast when his ex-girlfriend tries to kill him. She's a simulation, right?

Can't wait to share the new cover, July 27!

Also this month I'm hoping to get the first chapter of JOLISSA, an Anti-Princess Story produced on YouTube. We'll see how far my "interns" get! They're off to a brilliant start! Here's another blurb:

Jolissa doesn't believe in Once upon a time or Happily ever after. She'll curtsy to your face and stick her tongue out behind your back. Her only friend is her dog Ziggy and she even kicks him when her plan to make a better life goes terribly wrong. Knowing Ziggy really is her only friend, she follows his trail with help from a couple of other losers to the dangerous castle of the evil wizard Cree. Well, Cree better watch out if he tries to get between Jolissa and her precious pup.

What I'm Reading...
  • Still reading Effigy by M.J. Fifield - epic fantasy, it's long but juicy!
  • I've also started Bella's Point by Elizabeth Seckman and One Good Catch by Heather M. Gardner. Since when did I like romance? But they're all pretty great so far!

What I'm Writing...
  • Eureka!! Finished first draft and a couple of edits of CRADLE ROCK! Book Two of Beast World. I got so much done, I made a PDF of it for my son to read and he's really into it! Yay!
  • I've also started writing the rough draft of DISPOSAL, Book Three in the Cooper Chronicles. Can you believe it? I still love the song Dangerous by Big Data for Cooper's troublesome nephew.
  • And I in my SPARE time, I'm writing POP TRAVEL into a screenplay! Yes, I needed more to do. But what better way to shop around a book for a movie than to already have the screenplay, right?? Dreamin BIG!

Where I'll be...
July & August
  • I'm taking the rest of the summer off with several out of town tournaments and gearing up for the new school year which starts Aug 12! Plus I have several book events in the fall, including my big RELEASE PARTY in October! Yay!
  • 9/11 & 12 - The Imaginarium, creative writing convention in Louisville, Kentucky. I'll be joining Julie Flanders and speaking on an author panel. Excited!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! I will continue to update my whereabouts and look forward to meeting you somewhere out there!

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