Monday, January 4, 2016

There's something to be said for being SHORT!

Short Stories and Anthologies...
I've been busy writing short stories and submitting them to contests and anthologies. Here's a little about them.
"Steampunk City Christmas" | Art by jjpeabody. Used with permission.
My short story, SUPER CHRISTMAS won 2nd place and was published in AREA OF EFFECT at GEEKDOM HOUSE!

Super excited about all the people contributing. My turning point story is a lite apocalyptic romance - it's boy meets girl plus loads of action and humor...

January ~ February ~ March

I've recently joined forces with two blogger friends to help other women make it through tomorrow! We are THE REALLY REAL HOUSEWIVES offering tips, recipes, advice, and stress release. Check us out!

The first chapter of my video storybook, complete with illustrations and songs  is updated on YouTube. JOLISSA - Chapter One, The Trouble with Princesses. Chapter Two, The Tourney is in the works with another song!

Jolissa doesn't believe in Once upon a time or Happily ever after. She'll curtsy to your face and stick her tongue out behind your back. Her only friend is her dog Ziggy and she even kicks him when her plan to make a better life goes terribly wrong. Knowing Ziggy really is her only friend, she follows his trail with help from a couple of other losers to the dangerous castle of the evil wizard Cree. Well, Cree better watch out if he tries to get between Jolissa and her precious pup.

Coming Soon!
CRADLE ROCK will be released this summer. Looking forward to seeing the cover!

Welcome to the forest.

Gabe the goblin and his girlfriend Ona the ogress are headed in opposite directions for Spring Break. Ona is taking an expedition to Camp Cradle Rock hoping to find evidence of humans, but Gabe thinks she's wasting her time so he's grudgingly giving her the space she wants.

Soon after arriving, Ona goes missing. Gabe and his friends race to find her and discover a village of trouble, igniting an age old war. Though his wilderness skills are lacking, Gabe won't give up. He will find a way to save his girl and possibly all beastkind. Humans, bah!

What I'm Reading...

What I'm Writing...
  • DISPOSAL - Pop Travel, Book Three - I got 11k done in December and am ready to get back to it! Cooper's nephew Jimmy meets a tough beauty and gets into some deep doo doo.
  • On the back burner, I'm simmering a screenplay of Pop Travel. It's harder than you'd think.
  • I'm still up for putting a couple of stories on WATTPAD... if I ever get around to it.
  • And then there's WHEN THE WIND BLOWS - Beast World, Book Three.

Where I'll be...
January & February
  • Too cold! Staying inside where it's warm!
  • Looking to set up something for Spring Break. Hmm...

May you successfully meet all your resolutions, or at least give them a solid try!

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  1. I'm also taking part in the Turning Points anthology. Mine is Urban Fantasy, but set in WWII. :-)


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