Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall into a good book

CRADLE ROCK is almost here!!
Release Date: December 1!

I have so many blog tour articles to write! And I want to thank my blog tour hosts for helping me spread the word all December long! (Schedule coming soon or visit my blog where I'll be updating it)

And the LIVE RELEASE PARTY will be December 1, 2016 at Panera Bread in my hometown! Deerfield Towne Center, 5095 Deerfield Blvd, Mason, OH


This summer, I finally got out of the house and did some awesome events - here are a few pics!


Got to see my bookfest buddy - ELIZABETH SECKMAN in Ackron, OH
for the Author Expo
Joined forces with my buddy TERRI-LYNNE SMILES and her small press
Plot Forge at FANDOMFEST in Louisville!

Yes! Saw Jason Priestly, Anthony Michael Hall, and the infamous Stan Lee!

Cool Star Wars displays!

great costumes!
Pokemon Go! (Pikachu made of balloons and it did Go!)
I had a blast this summer! Now I've taken a break for the beginning of school and football - but raring to do a bunch of events coming up this Fall!

The curtain has fallen
THE THING THAT TURNED ME anthology is no more. Unfortunately, our ambitious publishing partner has undergone many personal and physical setbacks and after such a long time with many delays and no updates, several authors have pulled out and the whole thing fizzled. But we have these great stories and want to share them, so we are not giving up - we are re-organizing and working together to come up with our own solution!

October ~ November ~ December

October - Storytime
I'm always working on a short story. The last one I wrote for The Storytime Blog Hop, a modern day Alice, turned out to be too long so I submitted it to another anthology instead! I'm trying again with a fun YA paranormal thriller about a family whose legendary curse is resurfacing with a vengeance (reminiscent of Buffy with some interesting twists!) We'll see if I can get it done as I'm also doing...

November - Insecure Writer's Support Group Anthology
I love my UNCONVENTIONAL PRINCESS series and am working on not just 1, but 2 stories. A series isn't a series unless there are more books in it! I started working on the second novella (Two Princesses) and had the idea for the third waiting its turn until the theme for the IWSG anthology came up - Unsung Heroes in Fantasy - and Princess B is perfect for it. But the deadline is Nov 1! I really hope I can get it done in time (and polished enough to be accepted). It's a big anthology! And this story will touch your heart...

Princess B

Brianna is the man of the house now that her big brother is gone. She takes care of her sis while Mom works, protects them both in a not so nice neighborhood, and stands tall when she'd rather fly away to a fantasy land from her books. She's pretty tough for twelve, but she shouldn't have to fight and defend herself all alone in a cruel world - and that's when a magical friend steps in with fiery encouragement.

December - CRADLE ROCK Release!

I had a great cover reveal, now on to the blog tour release party! I have some great article ideas brewing, gotta start early. If you'd like to join my release train in December, here's the FORM. Everyone who participates gets put into a drawing for a $25 GC!

What I'm Reading...
  • I love that I get to beta read for my awesome, talented CPs!
    • Unseen by Vikki Biram - This one is an incredible YA thriller from the perspective of a blind heroine!
    • Totem series by Christine Rains - Shapeshifting sisters in Alaska! With intense relationships and suspenseful, action packed stories - and don't forget the hunky co-stars!
  • Foreseen by Terri-Lynn Smiles - messing with your mind!

What I'm Writing...
  • DISPOSAL - Pop Travel, Book Three - Edits underway. I hope to submit it to my publisher by November.
  • Short stories/Anthology submissions - hard to keep them all straight or find time to finish them!
  • WHEN THE WIND BLOWS - Beast World, Book Three. Working on the rough draft, hope to have it done before the end of the year and start typing it up!
  • TWO PRINCESSES - Unconventional Princess series, book 2. Coming along nicely. Has A Midsummer Night's Dream feel.

Where I'll be...
  • October 1! -  SCI-FI CENTRAL in Ft Wayne, IN. I'm very excited I found this event! It takes place at a children's museum and apparently has a huge turnout. Plus I'm one of only 8 vendors! Should be awesome!
  • October 7, 8 - BOOKFEST at OPERATION PUMPKIN in Hamilton, OH. I go to Bookfest at Icefest sponsored by the same folks every other year, and in this off year, they are hosting a new event in the Fall. Communication has been spotty, but I still hope to attend if we can uncross our wires! Plus my sweet Ohio friend, Julie Flanders will be there and she has a new MG book out!
  • October 29 - WEST VIRGINIA BOOK FESTIVAL in Charleston, WV. I'm looking forward to this event because it's supposed to be really big AND I get to spend time with my first book event buddies and co-Housewives, Elizabeth Seckman and Ashley Chappell!
  • In this month before my release, I'll be planning and writing, writing, writing! 
  • Plus I'm meeting my family in Disney for Thanksgiving to celebrate my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary!!
  • December 1! - CRADLE ROCK RELEASE PARTY! at Panera Bread in Mason, OH. So ecstatic to get this baby out there!
  • December 17 - HALF PRICE BOOKS in Mason, OH - I'm doing a signing, just in time for Christmas!

Happy FALL! My favorite season!
May your lives and your leaves be colorful and bright!

Remember, if you have a question about writing or publishing, let me know.
I'm also available for SCHOOL, BOOK CLUBS, or EVENT BOOK TALKS


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