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A Fresh Start!

Two Princesses - Coming Soon!
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Release Date: February 2017

Two Princesses
Deja is a tough, trouble-making troll princess who hates humans, as she should. But when her mischief interferes with her father the King, he sends her to the humans as punishment. The human Queen has her own problems with too many suitors for the beautiful, spoken-for princess Calleah who she locks up in a tower for her own protection. Deja is determined to make the humans' lives unbearable enough to send her packing, until she is sent to serve Calleah and realizes not all humans are evil, just most of them. The real trouble starts when two princes arrive to vie for Calleah's hand, but they'll have to prove their worth to Deja first, who will protect her friend to the end.

My talented illustrator, Laura Kramer, is working on a cover and I'm sending the Two Princesses story to my readers for critiquing. Then, I'm planning to self-publish Two Princesses as the second novella in my Unconventional Princess series, with the third, Princess B not far behind!


Last fall, I had a very busy October. Three Events! The first was Sci Fi Central at a children's museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It wasn't the best for sales, but my little buddy came with me and kept me company. I also did a panel discussion and was super excited that I got to meet my long time blog-friend Christine Rains!

Next, I had a blast and very good sales at the Mad Anthony Bookfest at the Operation Pumpkin Festival near where I live. Plus, I got to share a table with my author buddy, Julie Flanders!

The third October event was way over at the West Virginia Bookfest - but totally worth it to hang out with my Really Real Housewives and original trio of book event buds, Elizabeth Seckman and Ashley Chappell. Not to mention, the most books I've sold at an event to date! (not including release parties)

Then in December, I hosted my CRADLE ROCK release party - and as luck would have it, I was able to participate in my local middle school's fundraiser at Barnes & Noble!
my number one fan & supporter - such a sweetie!

After fixing a few snafus, each event turned into sweet success! I have high hopes that I'm starting to turn a corner... which way I'm headed is still to be determined.

And here is the fabulous video review of Cradle Rock by the Hungry Bookworm Tonja Drecker!


As you can see, I love to create new words. I could write a book on writing books. And I get lots of questions about the process when I do events or presentations. So I'm dedicating this Bookishness section of my Newsletter to answering commonly asked questions and passing on writerly advice...

Q - How long did it take you to write your first book? The first book took the most work because I had to research how to write. The first book I wrote was never published, as is the case with most writers - it stank to high heaven! The first book I published took about a year to write, then I had to shop it around for another year as I improved on it. As soon as I snagged an editor/publisher, I was able to start my second book. Now my goal is to crank out at least one book each year.

ADVICE - Go and do. I have the most success when I get out there and talk to readers. Social media is a good tool, but I find it can be annoying. I like the old fashioned ways of meet and greet, leading to word of mouth which is by far the best form of advertising. So if you like a book - review it or tell a friend!


January ~ February ~ March

January - Submissions & New Projects!
In December, I submitted DISPOSAL to my publisher! Disposal is book three in the Pop Travel series. I really like this story as it involves some fresh, new characters. Here's the blurb...

Cooper and Geri are finally in a good place, but their bliss is short-lived. When Cooper's rebellious nephew Jimmy comes down to stay with them in Atlanta for a summer internship, he thinks he's found the girl of his dreams in an fiery, exotic beauty. Against all words of warning, he ends up getting kidnapped by her powerful Drug Lord father. Geri tracks him down, but gets herself kidnapped as well.

Now it's up to Cooper to use all his resources to save them, including the hot homicide detective Geri secretly despises, and the latest sketchy gadgets his genius friend Hasan needs field-tested. Sure, why not? Cooper will try anything to get his family back.

And now, I have time to read for others and work on short stories and WINDY HOLLOW (Book 3 of Beast World)! I changed the title a few times, but now that it's really coming along, I think this one will stick.

February - Unconventional Princesses series
As I mentioned above, I hope to have Two Princesses ready for self-publication in February. I've also been talking to my illustrator about continuing our youtube storybook project for Jolissa... she's busy too, but willing and excited to work!

March - Pop Travel Screenplay!
In December, I also received feedback on my screenplay for Pop Travel. It was terrific news - they said it was FRESH and gave me great advice on how to make it awesome! I'll be working on sprucing it up to resubmit it in March.


What I'm Reading...
  • Unseen by Vikki Biram - She left me hanging with only half the book, but now I get to finish it and see how the mystery ends! An incredible YA thriller from the perspective of a blind heroine!
  • STATIC by SK Anthony - This is the second book in her Luminaries series. I adored the first one and this one is just as exciting! It's about young adults who were infused with an experimental serum in the womb and now have enhanced abilities - the problem is, some of the luminaries are using their powers for themselves and causing trouble, not the good of all as they were intended...

What I'm Writing...
  • TWO PRINCESSES - Unconventional Princess series, book 2. Beefing up and polishing - surprising twists and turns, even to me! Love the Midsummer Night's Dream feel!
  • WINDY HOLLOW - Beast World, Book Three. The rough draft is at the climax, which is always my hardest part to write... then I can start typing it up.
  • POP TRAVEL screenplay - wouldn't it be awesome! A real dream turned reality...
  • My 7th book will be outlined soon - a brand new concept that I've had on the back burner, patiently waiting to emerge. A YA Christian Urban Fantasy...

Where I'll be...
  • Writing in my cozy sun room.
  • Planning School Events for the spring!
  • Possibly at Books a Million or Half Price Books - I can't just sit still! 
  • Also waiting to see if Icefest is having its Bi-Annual Bookfest...
  • March 9, 8:30-11:30 am - The Learning Place preschool - I'll be attending their annual parent-teacher event. Can't believe my boys - the oldest is about to graduate - were ever small enough to go there!
  • In the planning phases - I have to take a couple of trips this spring and I'd like to work in a signing... possibly Georgia or Arkansas! Stay tuned to my blog for details in the sidebar.

Stay warm and cozy - cuddle up by the fire with cocoa, a good book, and a friend
-- a pet or child is a great choice for reading to!

And plan on having a great 2017, no matter what!



NOTE: I would also like to thank my newsletter recipients for following me, so I'll be drawing a name or two each quarter for prizes... The prize for the Winter 2017 Quarter will be an ebook or book swag!

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